How do you make a digital lawyer?

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The Law Society of NSW has recently launched a significant report into the Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession. In this episode Kate Galloway and Melissa Castan discuss the main messages for the legal profession, and consider what the new challenges for legal educators, and law students, might be. Is it time for the regulators to reconsider the ‘Priestly 11’ compulsory units of study, and the construction of a modern, adaptable law qualification?

Kate Galloway has written on this here in ‘A roadmap for the legal profession‘ and ‘Add tech and Stir’ , as well as at length in Text to Bits: Beyond the Revolution in Law and Lawyering.

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud or ITunes.

Some additional links on these issues:

Are Virtual Courts Around the Corner?

Lawyers duty to technology competence Blog post on technology competence in Nth America
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