What’s the #Centrelinkfail all about?

When Big Data meets Big Debt

In this episode Melissa Castan and Kate Galloway have a conversation about what caught their attention over the holiday period – mainly the question of government power exercised through the Centrelink data matching debts controversy. They explore the manner that the debt notices or ‘inquiries’ have come about, the impacts upon Centrelink customers, and whether this use of big data is a glitch, a strategy or a government policy.

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Here are Kate’s recent posts on the issue

The Lure of Big Data Denies Natural Justice

Centrelink: A failure of good government

This #notmydebt  website is collating media, and people’s stories of their issues with Centrelink, and would welcome your input.

If you need assistance in dealing with Centrelink claims, please seek help from one of the following organisations:

Legal Aid Victoria

National Legal Aid Services

National Welfare Rights Network

Community Legal Centres




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